Friday, September 4, 2009

The Lenses

From the observatory I can see the depths of the Cosmos.

I see how the matter obeys (or seems to obey) the laws of physics. But I see in the night through two lenses: the lens of the telescope and the lens of my own mind. I observe the Cosmos from the division, from the part. I realize that the laws made by mind only serve to explain a small portion of the spectrum of existence.

And I wonder how will be the perception of a Supramental Being...

I wonder how will be the rhythm of a Being who has subdued the laws because he himself is the law.

I realize how wrong we are when we think immortality inside the rhythms of time.

Supramental Being is inmortal. He is immortal because he is, and he is because he is beyond time.

Time and its rhythms is only a mental concept.

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José Antonio Ruiz Rodríguez said...

Ask how it will be a perceived Supramental is wanting to be as a Being Supramental, when the reality is that we are just human beings.
Peace, Jordi.