Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Q: Are these forces of any use when they come out from the stones?

A: Certainly, yes! The stone can preserve the force almost indefinitely. There are those stones, which can serve as a link; there are stones, which can serve as a battery. There are stones, which can hold a force for protection. That indeed is remarkable, my child. One can accumulate in a stone (particularly in amethysts) a force for protection, and the force truly protects the one who wears the stone.
It is very interesting. I have experienced it. I knew someone who had a stone of this kind, charged with the power of protection, and it was wonderful when he wore it…There are stones, which can be used to foretell events. Some people know how to read in these stones events, which are going to happen. Stones can carry messages. Naturally, this requires ability on both sides: on one side, a sufficiently strong power of concentration; on the other, a power to see and read directly, without using very precise words either. Consequently, because they can serve as
batteries, it means that they carry within them the source of the force itself; otherwise they wouldn’t be receptive. It is a force of this kind that is at the origin of crystallisations, as in rock crystals, for instance, which form such magnificent patterns, with such a complete harmony, and that comes from one thing alone, this Presence at the centre. Now, one doesn’t see because one has no inner sensibility, but once one has the direct perception of the forces of love behind things, one sees that they are the same everywhere. Even in constructed things: one can come to understand what they say.

Mother’s Agenda 10
20th September 1969

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