Monday, June 8, 2009

We have never come to understand...

In the West Spirituality is perceived as a fad. We are talking about a fashion that generates a lot of money. And we also talk about a fashion that generates hundreds of thousands of disillusioned people, hundreds of thousands of people who, after a journey full of fireworks, perceive spirituality as a big lie wich people should move closer when life becomes difficult or when the powerlessness of their intellect leaves them into an atrocious desert full of doubts...or when their life ends.
We could say that West have lived and lives in the illusion of spiritual progress but not in the same progress.
Because progress requires the destruction of the Ego and its products, requires a deep look inside the human being, and unfortunately, West is still very far from such a feat.

Unfortunately, West has put all its effort in external conquests, may have discovered the atom's secrets and may have traveled through the solar system. Yes, perhaps we have seen infinitely distant celestial objects...But Western man remains a stranger to himself.
And perhaps that is why the West has always seen in India a lighthouse in the dark, its own dark.
But this is what I think: Western man has never come to understand the commitment with himself that this golden light requires.

But...What have not come to understand East?


Blogger said...

The West is not as poor as you have said.
India is definitely a spiritual land. But the world-renouncing attitude of the Indian spiritual seekers in the past has impoverished India materially. On the other hand too much materialistic inclination has robbed the West the touch of soul.
The future will depend on the happy marriage of the two.
"Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face".
You know it-my friend.
Yours in the Mother,

Jordi said...

You are quite right, dear Debabrata.
Humanity is like the two cerebral hemispheres, one analytical and intuitive another (Excuse me by the simplification of the issue I have done)
Only the balance between the two humanity's hemispheres will allow overcome its schizophrenia.

Balance, ie Synthesis.

Synthesis, ie Sri Aurobindo.