Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Ariadne thread

Physics has always looked at the matter (or energy) as the source of everything that surrounds us. But when it confronted with the origin of the cosmos, the first moments of creation, begins to assume a range of issues beyond itself.
Indeed, even the modern cosmological theories face the abyss of the original zero. Physics tells us that space and time are products of that first explosion, says us that even non-physical dimensions of existence have been created from that mathematical zero. And when we ask about the origin of that zero simply warns us that the question is meaningless.

But the question strikes our mind and strives to make itself heard.

Our intuition and the knowledge of those people who have seen beyond the phisical senses tell us the opposite: matter and energy are the effect (not cause) of other dimensions that existed before them.

Sri Aurobindo said us that consciousness is the Ariadne thread that runs through these dimensions and that allows their existence. He talked us about Sat-Chit-Ananda...

Yes, consciousness is the beginning and the first motor.

Consciousness, that's to say, God Himself.


Blogger said...

Dear Swami,

Debabrata Ghosh is no more. He passed away on 16th of June at 3:15 AM due to heart failure.
I just wanted to inform you because he used to speak of you a lot. Do pray for him.

D. Ghosh

Jordi said...

Dear D. Ghosh:

In these cases and in the West, we usually say to the family that we are deeply saddened.
And it's true, my heart feels that it has lost a travel companion. A wise companion. He gave me some good advices at some difficult times.
But I'm sure his conscience is now free. I'm sure he walk by the golden fields of God.
He put his feet on the path to the truth ... And now the truth is their homeland.

Just two days ago I had a strange dream. In it, a wise man dressed with oriental clothes gave me his hand while he smiled me sweetly.
When I woke, I was thoughtful all morning ... I did not know that this dream could mean.
Now I know.

I Pray for his soul.