Saturday, August 15, 2009


I will be brief, in fact, only a few words are necessary.

Sri Aurobindo came upon the Earth to give a boost to the slow march of Evolution. However, many of disciples believed that immortality had already been conquered by Him. And not only in his own body (or in the Mother's body) but in their own bodies too.
Yes, many of them watched the Work of Sri Aurobindo through mental eyes, indeed through a infantile look. Only a few of them knew (or were aware) that immortality was not the beginnig of the path, the first conquest, but the effect of a long and slow path that Sri Aurobindo and Mother had came to open to Humanity.

The slow march of Evolution was accelerated by Sri Aurobindo and Mother, this was their labour like Avatar...And our main contribution to their Work is to try to be aware of the new world into ourselves and through ourselves. This is our better homage to Mothersriaurobindo (And do not see them as leaders of a new, strange and exotic religion).

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