Friday, August 21, 2009

The Second Law...

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the disorder of all those systems which are isolated of the universe always increases (it is curious: the entropy increases only in those isolated systems from the rest of the Universe. For those not isolated systems, entropy or disorder does not increase*) In fact, this law is so incontestable that, based on it, we say that exist one thing called "arrow of time", that is, the time pass always in the direction in which the entropy (or disorder of the system) increases. In this way, it is not possible for a physical system goes backwards in time, because such a thing would lead to a decrease of entropy (or a decrease in its internal disorder)

For example, if we drop one glass full of water on the floor of our kitchen, we can be sure that it will be broken into a thousand pieces and water will be poured on the floor. We can ensure that the opposite event will not happen in a natural way: the glass will not fill with the fallen water, neither will be rebuilt again nor will jump suddenly from the floor of the kitchen towards our hands. Science says that this situation would violate the second law of thermodynamics because would reduces the disorder of the system.

Now we may consider the "living systems" and its slow but sure evolution towards forms more and more complex, that's to say, towards more organized forms through which consciousness can express herself more effectively. It seems clear that an increase in the complexity of the nervous system is against of an increase in the disorder of the system. And so, we have a problem with the second law of least if we do not introduce an inner force that compels the physical system (or living system) to go in a direction of increasing complexity beyond their natural tendency towards chaos, disorder and dispersion (We need only contemplate what happens to the human body over the years)

Science says that this strange occurrence is due to a mysterious "adaptation to the environment" But that assertion offends reason and common sense. Only consciousness, referred to as a force in action and not as a mere effect of the matter, can satisfactorily explain this apparent contradiction...And Sri Aurobindo saw the Ariadna's thread that allows and is beyond the same physical laws.

In another post I will try to explain briefly the theory of dissipative structures of Illya Prigogine.This theory attempts to resolve the contradiction to which I have referred...from the Science, avoiding any allusion to the Divine, but, curiously, pointing to its existence and necessity from the beginning.

(*).: One of the essential features of Supramental consciousness is the disappearance of the consciousness of separation. Supramental consciousness, as Sri Aurobindo and Mother have told us, is a consciousness of Unity in which have disappeared the "viewpoints" and have been replaced by a kind of spherical vision. A Conciousness like this, would have broken the premise of "isolated system from the rest of the Universe" and therefore would not be affected by an increase in entropy (or disorder). Death would be then ancient history.


José Antonio Ruiz Rodríguez said...

Perhaps individuals are those who complicate everything with our particular points of wiew.

Perhaps, in terms of survival, what matters is not the individual, but society as joint people.

Therefore, perhaps most interesting is the substrate of ideas and thoughts that arise in society and not the individual.

The Evolution of Man is the evolution of his consciousness. Is the spherical vision that you talk us.

A big hug, Jordi.

Jordi said...

"The Evolution of Human being is the Evolution of his consciousness"

This is a great truth. I could say that this blog is nothing more than a mere, humble and small reference to that fact.