Friday, May 15, 2009

Once upon a time...

I was young.

After some years of intense intellectual activity I realized the limits of intellect and its limited power to change the depths of the human being. Because the heights can't be reached by the power of reason, all of them seem poor and grey, dry and lifeless.

That was how I put my feet on a path of Yoga.

In the beginning, the way was full of promises, hope and golden lights. Sitting in my place of peace and stillness, the world could collapse around me...nothing mattered.

But time was passing...and the initial euphoria was giving way to routine and boredom. If the intellectual effort could not change my life, this artificial peace was far from reaching it.

I began to realize the problem: I was a mortal that sooner or later, would leave this world to fall into a black hole.

Death was the problem.

Tired and disappointed with myself and with life, I fell in the most atrocious skepticism.

And years were passing...

Once, accidentally, I walked into a bookstore of my town. The shop was full of incense, quartz stones, talismans, and some books. And one of these caught my their colour. It was a book of a beautiful purple colour that was entitled "Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness" by Satprem. I read its pages: this book spoke to me of things that I had always felt in the depths of my heart...and spoke to me about Sri Aurobindo and Mother, about their work to defeat death and to change our slaves condition.



Hola Swami, et seguiré amb traductor perquè l'anglès no és el meu fort...


Swami said...

Doncs vés en compte amb aquesta andròmina...tradueix com li sembla (gairebé fa traduccions literals, sense tindre en compte les estructures pròpies de l'anglès)

Ojcar said...

Derrotar a la muerte?¿.

los diversos tejemanejes de mi peculiar vivir me han llevado a ........ a donde me llevaron?.

Yo podía aceptar ser quien era. Y siendo quien era no sabia que era lo que era.... tela.

Miedo a morir, o no. Era mejor aceptar morir. Por que yo también soy la muerte que está siempre a tu lado.